Welcome everyone, I’m The Li-Bury-An, and today we have a spotlight on Janine Pipe

Janine Pipe reads from her story “Should Have Gone To Vegas” which appears THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY : Women of Horror Anthology Volume 3

I first met Janine Pipe in early 2020. Her sweet, genuine and enthusiastic personality made her an instant friend. At the time we met, she was just starting out writing horror fiction, though she was already well known in the horror community for her other projects. She often mentions that Kandisha Press was her first accepted short story, although her first PUBLISHED story was in the best-selling Diabolica Britannica anthology with a foreword written by none other than the Master of Horror, Ramsey Campbell. Since then, Janine has gone on to appear in several other high profile anthologies. She is also a reviewer for Scream Magazine, Nightworms, and Beyond the Veil, has her own blog called Janine’s Ghost Stories, her own Youtube channel as well as a podcast she co-hosts with fellow Woman in Horror Lou Yardley, runs a Patreon where she kills off her Patrons in stories, does numerous booktube and buddy reviews, and is working on not one but two novellas. Finally, we are very proud to announce her as the new Press Agent and Official Spookswoman for Kandisha Press. To be honest, I don’t know how she manages to do it all, and be a success at it, while also being a wife, mother, and lockdown schoolteacher.

Her story for The One That Got Away, “Should Have Gone To Vegas” is a movie-worthy, gory romp through the forest when two old buddies get together for a weekend by themselves. They expect to do a little hunting and a lot of beer-drinking, but something in the woods has other ideas. Janine loves playing with different characters, her favorite being humanoid cryptids– and the ones she’s cooked up in this story will satisfy anyone’s hunger for the strange, the vicious, and the demonic. The story is also filled with Easter Eggs- references to her favorite fellow authors and her favorite baseball and football teams. If you know anything at all about Janine, it’s that she’s crazy for anything related to Boston and New England.. so I’ll leave you to guess who her favorite teams are. Or you can just read the blurb below….

   “The thing atop of him, grinned and right in between her fangs, was a piece of Adam’s skin. From his right arm. And the reason Jack knew this? He could still see part of the ink from his Red Sox tattoo.
This was it.”

From “Should Have Gone To Vegas” by Janine Pipe

Today, Janine talks about how she came up with her story “Should Have Gone To Vegas” for THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY : Women of Horror Anthology Volume 3. Out now from Kandisha Press:

“As soon as I heard the proposed title, The One that got Away, I KNEW I had to write something akin to Chasing Ghosts by Glenn Rolfe or Paradise, Maine by Jackson R Thomas. Something that Hunter Shea would write. Two of my favourite movie sub-genres are slashers and the whole wrong turn, hillbilly in the woods type scenario. Anything like Deliverance, Texas Chainsaw. But I also love humanoid cryptids and the creature features from Hunter, so I was sure that my surprise in the woods would be more of that persuasion.

I like to drop in Easter Eggs and references to things and people I love, so I knew at least one of my characters would be Bostonian and follow the Red Sox and Pats. There are a few other bits in there too for people to dig for, some obvious and some more subtle. That’s all part of the fun. And of course, it wouldn’t be my work if there wasn’t a nice little dash of f-bomb, blood and a sprinkle of humour.”

Janine Pipe is a Horror lover and writer who was first introduced to the genre by her ghost story telling dad – and she hasn’t looked back since. Citing Glenn Rolfe and Hunter Shea as her favourite current writers and mentors, she likes to shock, and create twists and turns. There is usually a lot of gore and plenty of swearing …  She is very thankful to her biggest cheerleaders, her husband and daughter and reviews for Scream Magazine, Beyond the Veil and is a friend of Nightworms.

You can find several of her short stories at Kandisha Press, the charity anthology, Diabolica Britannica, 25 Gates of Hell, and Campfire Macabre from Cemetery Gates Media. She is currently writing a splatterpunk vampire hunter novella and an 80’s slasher. You will also find her podcasting with fellow Brit and indie author, Lou Yardley on Cryptids, Crypts and Coffee or buddy read reviewing and interviewing with Ben Long on her YouTube channel. She is also the official press agent and spookswoman for Kandisha Press.

Twitter: @disneynine
Instagram: @mrsdisney_28
Good Reads: Janine_Pipe
Youtube: Janine Horror Writer
Join her Patreon gang  –

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