Thank you – Brian Keene

Janine's Ghost Stories

Oh hello there, it’s me again. So with only 5 days to go now until launch day, stress levels are rising. I had some more lovely, honest and thoughtful reviews over the weekend and am in equal parts excited and terrified about the book finally being almost available to the public.

Today I would like to take a moment to thank 2 people whose involvement with TTT is connected.

You all know Jill Girardi, right? The brains and beauty behind Kandisha Press, my NYC BFF? Well, because she is insanely awesome, she sometimes makes me submit to things. And sometimes those things are pretty damn big and cool like 25 Gates of Hell which also features no other than … Brian Keene.


Due to this amazing fact, Brian and I have a little interaction now and again despite me being in awe and looking like the village idiot…

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