AISHA KANDISHA – Head Li-Bury-An, Curator, Blogger, Temptress of Tomes.

Aisha Kandisha is a name that has a pleasant lilt to it, however, in the midst of the sweeping sands of the North African desert, it is a name that many dread to utter. In Morocco, she appears to men a a beautiful temptress; a demon or djinn, winged and with the hoofed feet of a goat. In Southeast Asia, she is known as the Pontianak or Kuntilanak, while in the Western world, she is called a Succubus. Despite her sinister reputation, she also represents the fearlessness of womankind.

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JILL GIRARDIEditor-In-Chief, Author, Declawed Subcreature.

Jill is the author of Hantu Macabre, (Published by Fixi Novo) the best-selling novel featuring punk rock paranormal detective Suzanna Sim and Tokek the toyol. The book was shortlisted for the 2019 Popular/The Star Readers’ Choice Awards. Suzanna and Tokek will also be taken to the big screen, as a full-length film based on the characters is set to start shooting in 2021, with former MMA Fighter Ann Osman starring as Suzanna.

Jill has several short horror stories published (many of which feature various small, wicked creatures) and will soon begin working on the next volume in the Hantu Macabre series. She currently lives in New York where she is the editor of the Kandisha Press Women of Horror Anthology books.

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LYDIA PRIMEA-Line Editor, Author, Wild Child, Ride or Die.

Lydia is that friendly monster under your bed waiting for you to stick a limb out from beneath the covers. When she’s not trying to shred scraps of humanity from the unsuspecting, she writes stories and poems of the horror and dark fiction variety. Her work can be found on Pen of the Damned, as well as The Ladies of Horror Picture-prompt Challenge on Spreading the Writers Word. Additionally, she has had several pieces published in issues of The Sirens Call eZine.

Lydia recently released her first collection of pieces, Itty Bitty Horror Bites, and has also had short stories published in both: Under Her Black Wings: A 2020 Women of Horror Anthology, and Graveyard Smash: Women of Horror Anthology Volume 2, from Kandisha Press.

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JANINE PIPEPress Agent, Author, Red Sox Fan, Best Frightening Fiend.

Janine Pipe is a Horror lover and writer who was first introduced to the genre by her ghost story telling dad – and she hasn’t looked back since. Citing Glenn Rolfe and Hunter Shea as her favourite current writers and mentors, she likes to shock, and create twists and turns. There is usually a lot of gore and plenty of swearing …  She is very thankful to her biggest cheerleaders, her husband and daughter. She reviews for Scream Magazine and is a friend of Nightworms.

You can find several of her short stories at Kandisha Press, the charity anthology, Diabolica Britannica, 25 Gates of Hell, and Campfire Macabre from Cemetery Gates Media. She is currently writing a splatterpunk vampire hunter novella and an 80’s slasher. You will also find her podcasting with fellow Brit and indie author, Lou Yardley on Cryptids, Crypts and Coffee or buddy read reviewing and interviewing with Ben Long on her YouTube channel.

Twitter: @disneynine
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