The One That Got Away: The Last Thread

From The Funeral Birds To As The Crow Flies

With the soon to be released new Women of Horror Vol 3 anthology The One that Got Away by Kandisha Press

I thought I would explain how I came to write my story for this particular collection. The Last Thread was inspired by a dream I had. Yes, I do have really weird dreams. My husband is very understanding about them, which is good otherwise I might have found myself wearing a nice white jacket with the fastenings at the back. 😏

When I discovered what the theme was for this collection I decided I would write a sci-fi story. I enjoy thinking outside the box. I think horror can be so much more than graveyards on a moonlit night with howling winds and pounding rain. We are brought up believing that horror stories should have certain elements.i.e. Ruined church, dilapidated house, a deep dark wood, a car…

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