The One That Got Away – Kandisha Press Vol 3. Interview with Catherine McCarthy.

Janine's Ghost Stories

Hi and thank you for joining me over at Janine’s ghost stories. It is fantastic to share a TOC with you for Vol 3 of this amazing book – The One That Got Away.

Why did you sub to this particular call, what pulled you in?

Hi Janine!

First of all, thank you so much for doing this! I appreciate the time you give to it.

I subbed to this call for three reasons:

  • Jill Girardi is a champion of women’s horror and amazing to work with. She’s efficient, professional, as well as being a wonderful person.
  • Secondly, I had a story published in Volume 2, Graveyard Smash, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, especially sharing a TOC with such an awesome bunch of gals!
  • I was so lucky with this call because only a few weeks earlier I’d written a story that fitted the theme perfectly. It saved…

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