Welcome everyone, I’m The Li-Bury-An, and today we have a spotlight on Lydia Prime

In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than creature movies. From Harryhausen’s stop-motion delights to Gremlins, Ghoulies, Munchies, Trolls, Critters, and those hideously-adorable tiny demon creatures from The Gate, these Little Rubber Monsters made many a childhood great. Lydia Prime has created a literary universe of such creatures. Her stories feature whole worlds full of chattering, evil little beings with razor-sharp teeth, ready to tear your flesh apart at a moment’s notice– because that’s what they DO. Lydia’s stories also have a great deal of sarcasm and humor in them, a facet of the author’s own fun and lighthearted personality. Her story, “The Letter” which appears in The One That Got Away, starts off with a pregnant woman swooning in the lighthearted, baby-talk and birthday cake world of her soon-to-be-born child. She soon receives a letter that will change everything. The swift, stark contrast of the way her innocent world changes is both startling and effective. While reading the story, you’ll find yourself smiling happily one minute, writhing in agony the next, and finally, laughing out loud.

     “Already destroyed picture frames dropped from the walls, creating a thunderous crash that drew Emily’s eyes away from the smoky swirl and sputtering ebon slime. She screamed and tears raced down her cheeks. The veiled barrier that stopped her escape continued to hold. Emily touched her stomach, her feet aching, her heart pounding. She could barely get a full breath. ‘What is happening?’ she shouted, and leaned against the ghostly wall behind her.”

From “The Letter” by Lydia Prime

Today, Lydia talks about how she came up with her story “The Letter” for THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY : Women of Horror Anthology Volume 3. Out now from Kandisha Press!

“The Letter was actually inspired by some of my own anxieties. I came from a pretty chaotic life style as a child, so mail, no matter what it is, can set me off (stay with me guys, haha!). The obscene dread I have about opening some of the letters is so bad, I’ll often just throw them away and never think twice. I threw out a car title this way… But I’d honestly rather have it sent again than allow these horrible envelopes of PTSD to conquer my day. I’m not nearly as bad as I used to be though, always a liiiiiittle bit of progress creepin’ through.

As for Emily and what she’s forced to go through—at least I did it first, so she’s not the only one. Of course, unnatural forces were not in play for me, but they might has well have been. While I can feel Emily’s joy, her thoughts, the obsessively perfect decor… I can also deeply feel her pain and confusion. The fear and physical agony in and of itself stem from my own. But, I’ve never been one to let something terrible hold me back, which is why there’s a bit of humor in here too! Ah, well, without any further adieu, I’ll leave you to read The Letter, and maybe feel what I did, what she did—what they all do.”

LYDIA PRIME is that friendly monster under your bed waiting for you to stick a limb out from beneath the covers. She tends to frequent the nightmares others dare not tread. When she’s not trying to shred scraps of humanity from the unsuspecting, she writes stories and poems of the horror and dark fiction variety. Her work can be found on Pen of the Damned (, as well as within The Ladies of Horror Picture-prompt Challenge, on Spreading the Writers Word ( Additionally, she has had several pieces published in issues of The Sirens Call eZine. She’s been fortunate enough to have edited for Sirens Call Publications, making her no stranger to the publishing and writing world. Lydia has also had short stories published in both: Under Her Black Wings: A 2020 Women of Horror Anthology, and Graveyard Smash: Women of Horror Anthology Volume 2, from Kandisha Press. Her story, Sadie, won the Critters Annual 23rd Readers Poll for Best Horror Short Story of the Year (2020).

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