SLASH-HER Celebration – it’s Sarah Jane Huntington Day!

Tell us a little about your story.

My story is about a woman who is sick of society and is tired of being viewed as an outcast by those around her acting superior. She decides to unleash her true, inner self and once she does, she embraces herself and there is no going back.

Why did you want to write a slasher story and do you feel you brought something different to the table?

I love slashers, and like most horror fans, I grew up watching them. There’s something about the rawness that gets me, the lack of control and chaos. I hope I brought a little darkness, a slight psychological aspect with my story. It’s easy for us to forget that many people like my character do exist and often manage to remain entirely hidden in society. That’s what I find truly frightening. 

Do you have a favourite slasher story/movie?

My favourite slasher is Nightmare on Elm Street. I can’t tell you how many times I watched that film growing up. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is also a firm favourite of mine. 

Why is it important to you to have a woman led press like Kandisha?

I absolutely do believe it’s important to have a women-led press, it’s essential. Writing horror is still a male-dominated industry and it’s time it changed. I believe there is space for everyone and that much more balance is needed. A press like Kandisha is vital. It’s all too easy for a woman to be overlooked but hopefully, that attitude will be gone soon enough now that there are more opportunities. 

What’s next for you?

I’m currently writing a new novel but it is going to be a long process. I also intend on submitting more this year, hopefully.

Where can people find you?

I can be found on Twitter @SarahJaneHu

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