SLASH-HER celebration – it’s Mai Kil Day!

Tell us a little about your story.

Sam’s newfound freedom from her dirtbag boyfriend sends her on a journey of self-discovery that takes her to a strange house with an even stranger man. But what she discovers there may be more than she’d bargained for.

Why did you want to write a slasher story and do you feel you brought something different to the table?

In the past, my writing has been mostly quiet and serious in nature. And although cathartic, I find this style to be emotionally draining. I had an absolute blast writing Lefty. It was still cathartic in a sense that I was inspired by dark and serious experiences, but writing in slasher/splatterpunk genre allowed me to really play and express using extremes and humor in ways that make the experience more dynamic and fun.

Without revealing too much, Lefty puts a spin on a topic that I’m sure many women can relate to. It’s a whole other level of satisfying.

Do you have a favourite slasher story/movie?


Why is it important to you to have a woman led press like Kandisha?

Like many, I grew up reading strictly R.L. Stine and Stephen King, not because there weren’t women horror authors out there but because that was the only horror in our school library. We need women-led press like Kandisha that value and represent women’s voices, and get our stories on the shelves.

What’s next for you?

My debut novella is a campy body-horror comedy inspired by Gremlins and Brazilian butt lifts. Not coming soon as I recently went back to school and am starting a new career in trades (#womenintrades!), but it’ll be worth the wait!

Where can people find you?

My website: or Instagram: @mai_kil

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