SLASH-HER Celebration – it’s Ali Seay Day!

Tell us a little about your story.

 I don’t think it’s a secret that I adore good old fashioned revenge. Some of my favorite movies are the John Wick franchise and the newer film Nobody. I love justice meted out by an angry wronged character. Of course, I’d only recommend this happen fictionally.

The One Who Won is a tale of fierce revenge at the hands of a wronged woman who had the love of her life stolen from her due to nothing more than sheer juvenile stupidity. It’s a hard pill to swallow when the people who are supposed to be the closest to you are the reason you lose everything.

Why did you want to write a slasher story and do you feel you brought something different to the table?

 Mostly because slasher stories are fun. They’re also usually fast paced and packed full of violence. I don’t know if I necessarily brought anything new to the table beyond the source of my character’s loss. I feel like my story is a bit of a classic setup which is fine with me since I’d never really written one before. Staying faithful to the formula was a great experience.

Do you have a favourite slasher story/movie?

Scream is my favorite slasher. I love the genre overall but the camp and the humor of Scream really made me fall in love with the whole package.

Why is it important to you to have a woman led press like Kandisha?

A press like Kandisha gives room to women’s voices in places where they may often be crowded out. I think a woman led press that focuses on women in horror is not only important for readers but for new writers as well.

What’s next for you?

I have a lot going on (haha)! Some more anthology and magazine appearances, I’m shopping around a few novellas, and as always, working on new stuff. Sometimes too much!

Where can people find you?

Much to my dismay, I’m always on Twitter(@AliSeay11) and often on Instagram (@introvert_fitness). Other than that, updates, news, publications, and signed copies are all available on my website

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