Interview with Jill Girardi

The Horror Club talks to Jill Girardi, Editor-in-Chief of Kandisha Press, about the press itself, its titles, including the recently released volume 3 of its ‘Women of Horror’ series, her work and the horror community, among other things.

Hi Jill, thanks for having a chat! Can you tell me about Kandisha Press?

Hi! Kandisha Press is a women-owned independent publisher that focuses on promoting women authors. Having said that, we are a safe space for everyone regardless of gender, race, orientation, religion, disability, age, appearance, or any other such social construct. Everyone is welcome in our little community.

Where does the name come from?

In Moroccan folklore, Aisha Kandisha is a temptress who lures her victims out into the desert where she slowly drives them mad. She is a symbol of the prowess of women. What better name for a press that focuses on women?

This is the third volume…

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