The One That Got Away – Kadisha Press Vol 3. Interview with Sonora Taylor.

Janine's Ghost Stories

Hi and thank you for joining me over at Janine’s ghost stories. It is fantastic to share a TOC with you for Vol 3 of this amazing book – The One That Got Away.

Thanks for having me! Also thrilled to be sharing a TOC with you again.

Why did you sub to this particular call, what pulled you in?

I liked the theme. I’m a big fan of infusing romance and relationships into my horror. I think it creates an interesting dynamic, especially since I like getting into the minds of women who kill. What are they like in relationships? How does this affect their drive to murder, if at all?

Where did the idea for your story come from?

“From Scratch” actually came from food as opposed to relationships. I was inspired by a call for food-themed horror, and decided to write about a woman with murderous…

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