The One That Got Away – Kandisha Press Vol 3. Interview with Mocha Pennington.

Janine's Ghost Stories

Hi and thank you for joining me over at Janine’s ghost stories. It is fantastic to share a TOC with you for Vol 3 of this amazing book – The One That Got Away.

Why did you sub to this particular call, what pulled you in?

The name for the anthology drew me in. The name brought so many different concepts to mind. I was excited to get to work on a story, but I also excited to see what others would write as well. Seeing the teasers Kandisha Press have been posting these last few days have me more anxious to read it!

Where did the idea for your story come from?

“Liked” started off as an idea for a novel I was toying with. For me, if an idea for a novel pops in my head, I let it hang out there for a bit, and if my…

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