Welcome everyone, I’m The Li-Bury-An, and today we have a spotlight on Dawn DeBraal

Dawn DeBraal reads from her story “Invasive Species” which appears in THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY : Women of Horror Anthology Vol. 3

Dawn DeBraal has a delightful story telling voice, with a sharp wit and sense of humor that gives her a unique voice. Dawn is a veteran of our Women of Horror anthology series, and has appeared in all three books so far. I met her through Grant Hudson’s Inner Circle Writer’s Group as we shared a couple of TOC’s together. After reading her short story in Tempest: The Inner Circle Writer’s Group Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology (released by Clarendon House Books in 2019, also owned by Grant Hudson.) I knew right away that I wanted to ask her to be in Volume One of our series. Thankfully she said yes, and submitted a bit of a murder mystery about an aging porn star who befriends her psychiatrist. Volume 2 featured the ghost of a murdered young woman who unfortunately was killed in a hit-and-run while dressed as a sex worker, and is forced to stay that way for all eternity. She allows her cousin to ask thirty questions in order to discover the identity of her killer. Finally, in Volume 3, we have the wonderful Little Shop of Horrors-esque “Invasive Species,” where a package of seeds from a foreign regime causes a whole hell out a lot of trouble. Dawn is one of the most prolific writers I’ve ever met. If she hasn’t had at least a hundred story acceptances per year, I’d be surprised. So you’re likely to have read many of her short stories, and if not, you undoubtedly will soon. Hopefully her stories for Kandisha Press are included in your list!

“Dottie sat up quickly. She was a fool to have planted those seeds and needed to make sure that every last plant was gone from her garden. Could that be the reason she had the bald patch—had the invasive species taken hold in her garden? She decided to take another look. As she stood, she felt woozy and flopped back down on the couch. Dottie raised her hand. It had turned purple and swelled to twice its normal size.”

From “Invasive Species” by Dawn DeBraal

Today, Dawn talks about how she came up with her story “Invasive Species” for THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY : Women of Horror Anthology Volume 3. Out now from Kandisha Press!

“At the time Jill was pitching “Women of Horror III, The One That Got Away,” I was watching the evening news where thousands of suspicious packages were coming from China through the mail. They said “earrings” on the outside of the package, but there were seeds on the inside.

Immediately, I thought of my MC planting those seeds and what could happen as a result. She would pull them out after finding what she planted could be something harmful, but of course, one gets away, and Invasive Species was born.”

DAWN DeBRAAL lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband Red, a slightly overweight rat terrier, and a cat. She has discovered that her love of telling a good story can be written. Published stories with Palm-sized press, Spillwords Author of the month 2019, Mercurial Stories, Potato Soup Journal, Edify Fiction, Zimbell House Publishing, Clarendon House Publishing, Blood Song Books, Black Hare Press, Fantasia Divinity, Cafelit, Reanimated Writers, Guilty Pleasures, Unholy Trinity,  The World of Myth, Dastaan World, Vamp Cat, Runcible Spoon, E. Merry Publishing, Siren’s Call, Iron Horse Publishing, Setu Magazine, Literary Yard, Falling Star Magazine 2019 Pushcart Nominee.
Twitter: @dawndebraal

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