Welcome everyone, I’m The Li-Bury-An, and today we have a spotlight on J Snow

J Snow reads from her story “Dear Meat” which appears in THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY : Women of Horror Anthology Vol. 3

Brandon Scott has praised J Snow to me many times. So when I actually became acquainted with her, I felt as if I already knew her. I had no doubt in my mind that she would submit an excellent story for The One That Got Away– what I didn’t expect was that I’d receive literary gold. Her story, “Dear Meat,” is an epic, almost novella length, and reads like a movie. That is, the vivid detail in each scene will stand out in your mind as clearly as if you had stepped inside the pages into her snow-capped, post-apocalyptic world. Due to wide-spread famine, the government has decreed that familes must make certain sacrifices in order to feed themselves. What ensues is something I’ve described as “The Hunger Games meets Soylent Green, dialed up to 100!”

    “The cold stretches thin the skin of her face like cracked leather. The wind twists around her, licks her core, her bones. She prefers the darkness of the shadow-cloaked woodlands over dayshine, even when sheathed in ice. Tonight it might save her life.
She runs.”

From “Dear Meat” by J Snow

J SNOW is a poet and author who pens psychological thrillers and tales of terror. Her work has been described as disturbing, visceral, haunting, evocative. 

Pulling inspiration from personal traumas, she delves deep into the darkness haunting the psyches of both predator and prey. Snow’s unique insight into the psychopathic mind allows her to breathe life into harrowing yet multifaceted characters that have both horrified and fascinated those of conventional morality for generations. 

Creator of the Scribblers Chamber online writing community and founder/editor-in-chief of the literary journal, Blood Puddles: Night Terrors she Daymares, Snow holds memberships with P&W, WPN, and NWU. 

Her published works include two in a best selling series of Hellbound Books, one in an award-winning Author’s Tales collection, others through Horrified Press, Zombie Pirate Publishing, Nothing Books, The Horror Zine, Sirens Call, Soft Cartel Magazine, Ariel Chart… 

J Snow is currently working on a memoir series and debut novel. 

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