Welcome everyone, I’m The Li-Bury-An, and today we have a spotlight on Amy Grech

Amy Grech reads from her story “Cold Comfort” which appears in THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY : Women of Horror Anthology Vol. 3

Amy Grech is one of the most talented and prolific horror authors I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with. She has sold over 100 stories and is adding more all the time. A native New Yorker, Amy often takes inspiration from the city streets, both above ground and below. She carries a notebook with her everywhere to jot down ideas, even while rumbling along underground on the Subway. Her story in Volume 3, “Cold Comfort” stars out with her main character, Jack Masoch (interesting possible symbolism to the name?) in a bar in New York City, where he meets his match in one Sadie O’Grady. The story eventually plays out in Central Park– a place that is not only known as a beautiful relaxation spot in the busiest city in the world, but one where many mysteries and even murders have taken place..

“Whether drawn to Central Park in the dead of night on a bitter cold Saturday no less by Sadie’s lethal threat or his diabolical plan to settle the score he couldn’t say. Perhaps a combination of the two lured him: An overwhelming desire to be surrounded by trees and open spaces, instead of blocks of angry asphalt and endless gridlock; the park provided a soothing pocket of calm in a whirlwind of chaos.”  

From “Cold Comfort” by Amy Grech

AMY GRECH has sold over 100 stories to various anthologies and magazines including: A New York State of Fright, Apex Magazine, Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled, Dead Harvest, Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book Two, Expiration Date, Flashes of Hope, Fright Mare, Hell’s Heart, Hell’s Highway, Hell’s Mall, Needle Magazine, Psycho Holiday, Real American Horror, Tales from the Canyons of the Damned, Tales from The Lake Vol. 3, Thriller Magazine, and many others. New Pulp Press published her book of noir stories, Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City.

She is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association and the International Thriller Writers who lives in New York. You can connect with Amy on Twitter: or visit her website:

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